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ALF Webinar Series: Reducing Anti-psychotic Medications and Medication Safety



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This is an ongoing 4 part webinar series. Register now to begin the series! Please disregard the above dates that are associated with this webinar. Webinar can be found here:
Webinar can be found here:
At the end of this webinar series, participants will have an:-Increased understanding about what antipsychotic medications are, why they are used,and the warnings for APM use in persons living with dementia.?h-Increased understanding about how antipsychotics can be an integral part of a comprehensive care plan for persons diagnosed with mental illness.-Increased ability to recognize that behaviors and psychological symptoms of dementia(BPDS) are attempts at communication.?h-Increased ability to recognize the impact of staff approaches and attitudes on minimizingand responding to BPSD.-Increased understanding of non-pharmacological techniques for caring for individuals inLTC.-Increased ability to identify strategies to prevent medication-related problems in older adults-Increased understanding of available resources to improve medication safety.
This online webinar series is developed specifically for employees working in Virginia`s Licensed Assisted Living Facilities.
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