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Webinar Series: Activites for Persons Living With Cognitive Impairement



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07/25/2021 - 05/15/2025
This is an ongoing 4 part webinar series. Register now to begin the series! Please disregard the above dates that are associated with this webinar.
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4-Part Webinar series focused on developing a person-centered activities program for persons living with cognitive impairment. Part 1 will focus on how to build the foundation of a person-centered program and will examine such concepts as Quality of life, Causes of Cognitive Impairment, ad the concept of Meaningful Activity. Part 2 addresses aspects of the environment as well as the importance of assessment and individual plans; part 3 takes a look at how to adapt activities and communicate through the stages of Alzheimer`s.Part 4A is designed for those in Adult Day; Part 4B is designed for those in Assisted Living. Attendees choose either Part 4A OR Part4B - they do not need both.
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